Water Treatment Plant, Denmark

Water Treatment Plant, Denmark
  • Client: Guidera O’Connor
  • Contract: value $1m

Project description

Water Corporation engaged Guidera O’ Connor to design, supply, install and commission a new 4.1 ML/d ultrafiltration plant next to the Denmark Water Treatment Plant to treat flows directly out of Denmark Dam during periods when the salinity is below 600 mg/l.

The project included relocating the ultrafiltration plant at Ten Mile Brook Dam

Guidera O’ Connor engaged Monford to complete the earthworks, site services, embankment protection and structural footings for the new ultrafiltration building.

Scope of work

  • General site clearance, topsoil strip and stockpile (885m3 )
  • Bulk earthworks (2000m3 )
  • Cut-off drains to protect the water catchment area
  • Filling batters and pads
  • Install Megaflow 300 subsoil drain
  • General site drainage and pits (240m)
  • Install conduits and pits to accommodate site services
  • Protect exposed embankment with Geofabric Geoweb GW30V (1400m2 )
  • Road construction, kerbing and surfacing
  • Guard railing, including steel W-beam
  • Site reinstatement and landscaping