Stormwater Detention Tank, Perth, Western Australia

Stormwater Detention Tank, Perth, Western Australia
  • Client: Gateway WA
  • Contract: value $600k

Project description

Gateway WA engaged Monford to construct a stormwater detention tank for the Perth Airport & Freight Access project

The tank was constructed to collect the rain water that falls on site, temporarily store it, and slowly release it so it doesn’t worsen downstream, causing flooding on the project.

Scope of work

  • Set up and place all necessary blinding (1,203m2 )
  • Install the concrete floor slab (481m3 ), walls (329m3 ) and topping slab (203m3 )
  • Install 186 precast roof planks
  • Install temporary works (eg scaffolding, falsework, propping fall protection) as required to construct the tank
  • Install and tie steel reinforcement (234t)
  • Cast in 2 reinforced concrete pipes
  • Install 15 precast manhole roof slabs, including access cover lids
  • Install water bar to base slab (20 metres)

Gateway WA audited this project and scored Monford a “High Rating of 9 out of 10”. Copies of these reports are available on request.