Pump Station, Perth, Western Australia

Pump Station, Perth, Western Australia
  • Client: Gateway WA
  • Contract: value $1.8m

Project description

Gateway WA engaged Monford to construct the pump station as part of the Perth Airport & Freight Access project.

One of the main types of lower lying structures for the Tonkin Highway/Leach Highway interchange are concrete baths. These special structures provide a waterproof running surface for traffic where a road is constructed below groundwater level.

The baths were designed to be as shallow as possible to minimise the amount of dewatering required during construction of the interchange.

Dewatering, to drain the bath structures by using a combination of a closed sheet piling cofferdam and deep dewatering wells, was also minimised during the construction of the pump station.

Scope of work

  • Place blinding layer (480.7m2 ) to the internal extents of the sheet piling system
  • Fix reinforcement in the base slab, walls and roof (100t)
  • Supply and install formwork (258m2 ), falsework and scaffolding to the base slab, walls, beam and roof, including green cutting construction joints
  • Install concrete for the base slab (103m3 ), walls (141m3 ), pump station beam and shelf (8.5m3 ), roof (36.2m3 ), headwalls (34.5m3 ) and pump tube access pits (25.87m3 )
  • Install hydrophilic waterproofing strip and gun-grade, swellable sealant to construction joints
  • Install holding-down bolts to the pumps shelfs
  • Install 5 precast roof slabs
  • Install steel trash screen before the precast roof planks are installed
  • Temporary works to access and egress the work area during construction
  • Install earth bonding and welding to each corner of the tank
  • Casting 8 service penetrations and cast-in ferules
  • Install precast access chambers and concrete covers with Gatic access frame