Nammuldi Below Water Table, Nammuldi, Western Australia

Nammuldi Below Water Table, Nammuldi, Western Australia
  • Client: Kerman
  • Contract value: $12m

Project description

This project involved extending mine leases CD and EF laterally and below the water table (BWT) at the Nammuldi mining area and developing new BWT Lenses A and B, south-west of Nammuldi Pits. Monford complete detailed earthworks, reinforcement installation and concrete works. Monford’s team of more than 50 workers worked concurrently in three work areas works, including numerous buildings:

Central Mine Services (Part 1)

  • HMW Workshop
  • Bulk Lube Storage Facility
  • Service Truck Filling
  • Oily Water Treatment
  • HME Wash down
  • Water Truck Filling

Process Plant Area and Gatehouse (Part 2)

  • Fixed plant workshop
  • Administration building
  • Emergency management office

Explosives Compound

  • Ammonium nitrate storage facility
  • Ammonium nitrate emulsion storage facility
  • Detonator and magazine storage

This was challenging from a project management perspective and required a strong supervisory team and work crew to deliver the works.

Scope of work

  • Set-up and placement of blinding as per drawings and specifications (500m2)
  • Supply, install and remove all formwork, access and edge/height protection scaffold, falsework, propping, fall protection
  • Excavate and backfill pad foundations, sump, drains (807m3)
  • Detailed excavation for slabs, drains, bollards, service trenches (2,500m3)
  • Placement and finishing concrete for pads, foundations, apron slabs, drain walls, drain bases, sumps, pedestals, plinths (4,500m3)
  • Install reinforcement for slabs, walls, foundations (14,185m2)
  • Install and test a raw water HDPE pipeline, including trenching, piping placement, valves and connections, surveying, hydro-testing, backfill and placement of identification markers in the nominated locations on the site
  • Set-up and maintenance of a traffic management system on-site