Leach Highway/Abernethy Road Bridge 1721, Perth, Western Australia

Leach Highway/Abernethy Road Bridge 1721, Perth, Western Australia
  • Client: Gateway WA
  • Contract value: $2m

Project description

Monford performed work for Perth’s largest ever infrastructure project, the $1 billion Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project. The project aimed to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the state’s most important transport hubs and create an iconic gateway to Western Australia. Using innovative urban design, the project included road improvements, facilities and
connections for pedestrians and cyclists, noise walls, landscaping and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Technology. As the first single-point urban interchange (SPUI) of its kind in Western Australia, it allows all traffic on Abernethy Road and traffic entering and exiting Leach Highway to be controlled by a single set of traffic signals. This means traffic can flow uninterrupted along Leach Highway under Abernethy Road.

This bridge used continuous flight auger (CFA) piles for top-down construction which involved building a permanent structure, followed by excavation from top to bottom. Made up of 154 CFA piles, 102 precast planks and around 500 cubic metres of concrete for the bridge deck, it is the only bridge out of Gateway WA’s 11 bridges to be built using the top-down construction method.

Scope of work

  • Install 109 abutment facing panels
  • Construct diaphragm wall
  • Construct bridge pile caps / abutments
  • Install bridge beams, including grout panels
  • Construct in-situ bridge deck and wings (steel fixing, supply and install formwork and concrete placement and finishing), including 500 cubic meters of concrete poured for the bridge deck
  • Construct in-situ bridge barriers (34.7m3), including installing 80 precast bridge barrier sections and in-situ finishing
  • Construct 5 in-situ pier encasement – steel fixing (21t), instal formwork, concrete placement (140m3), finishing and temporary works as required
  • Construct approach slabs – steel fixing (53.2t), supply and install formwork (51m2), concrete placement and finishing (212.8m3)
  • Construct bridge joints
  • Set up and place blinding (1,427m2)
  • Supply and install formwork, fixing steel reinforcement and place concrete for the bridge pile caps
  • Install 102 precast bridge planks
  • Supply, install and remove formwork access and edge/height protection scaffold, falsework, propping, fall protection
  • Install steel reinforcement for the bridge deck (153t) and approach slabs
  • Install precast parapets

Monford maintained a constant presence on the Gateway WA Project for almost two years and successfully delivered numerous structures of varying complexity and scope. On each project Monford exceeded expectations, and maintained an excellent safety record with no lost time injuries recorded.

Gateway WA nominated Monford as the project’s ‘best contractor’, based on its high-quality project delivery and safety performance.

Monford worked closely with Gateway WA and Main Roads representatives to ensure the works were delivered to a high standard and in compliance with all specifications. The strong working relationships developed between Monford, Gateway WA and Main Roads personnel was critical to success. This collaborative approach exemplified Gateway’s EPIC project values – Excellence, Pride, Inspire and Care. Monford lived these values to achieve outstanding outcomes on the project.