Cape Lambert Port B NPI Facilities, Western Australia

Cape Lambert Port B NPI Facilities, Western Australia
  • Client: Decmil Australia Pty Ltd
  • Contract value: $6m

Project description

The Cape Lambert Port B project included the construction of a supply hub for a new port facility next to the Cape Lambert Port Facility, 40 kilometres north-east of Karratha.

Scope of work

Monford supplied and constructed detailed localised earthworks, drainage systems, service trenching, waste treatment system and concrete works.

Production Administration Facility

  • Detailed earthworks
  • Building drainage
  • Leach drain
  • Biomax waste treatment system
  • Foundations
  • Car parks
  • Finished pavement
  • Kerbing

Engineering Services Ablution Facility

  • Detailed earthworks
  • Concrete footpath

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

  • Excavation and localised earthworks to the biomax facility
  • Construction and use of evaporation pond for treated water disposal
  • Welded HDPE pipework
  • Drainage
  • Rock protection
  • Fauna egress matting