Canning Truck Main Concrete Encasement

Canning Truck Main Concrete Encasement
  • Client: Gateway WA
  • Contract: value $1.5m

Project description

Water Corporation engaged Monford to be the lead contractor for the Canning Truck Main Concrete Encasement project.

The project involved the excavation and concrete encasement of approximately 421 metres of Canning Truck Water Main in adherence with the Water Corporation’s stringent specifications. Encasing the pipeline would allow an overpass on the Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project to be constructed.

This complex task involved placing heavy steel reinforcement cages around the circumference of the pipeline while the water main was live and in operation. To minimise the risk of the pipeline collapsing, our team worked on small sections at a time.

Scope of work

  • Supply and install access required for the construction of the concrete encasement works
  • Excavate and expose the water main (532m2 )
  • Install steel reinforcement (471t) and formwork
  • Construct formwork/falsework/scaffolding in accordance with a temporary works design
  • Concrete placement (421m3 ) and finishing
  • Install construction joints
  • Set up and place necessary blinding (385m)
  • Backfill the water main (560m)
  • Traffic management

As a section of the works passed through the busy Horrie Miller Drive road, Monford also managed the public and implemented traffic management controls to minimise disruption to road users.