Abraham Street Bridge, Geraldton, Western Australia

Abraham Street Bridge, Geraldton, Western Australia
  • Client: Georgiou
  • Contract value: $1.45m

Project description

Monford provided construction services for the Abraham Street Bridge, including the structural components – two abutments, two piers and the deck (including diaphragms). As the bridge runs over a railway line and beside a road, this created considerable complexity from a safety and project management perspective. Monford implemented strict safety controls, and traffic management controls to minimise disruption and risk to road user and workers.

Scope of work

  • Site clearance and removal of topsoil
  • Detailed earthworks and backfill for abutment footings (595m3)
  • Stone pitching and installation of grouted rock protection (55m3)
  • Pier footing excavation and backfill (375m3)
  • Embankment construction behind abutment using general material (5,000m3)
  • Preparing, levelling and trimming embankment construction to receive wingwall footing (60m2)
  • Mechanically stabilised earth wall to abutments (726m2)
  • Placement and compaction of select fill earth block behind abutment (5,500m3)
  • Haul fill and rock for rock protection
  • Construct buried protection slab (65m)
  • Provision, erection, maintenance and removal of falsework
  • Install concrete blinding layer for structures, abutments and approach slabs (21m3)
  • Installation and finishing of reinforced in-situ concrete for abutment footings, wing wall footings, abutment column, abutment sill beam, upper wing wall, approach slab and dual use path (288.6m3)
  • Installation and finishing of reinforced in-situ concrete for pier footings, pier, pier sill beam and pier deflection wall (419.5m3)
  • Install reinforced in-situ concrete for deck slab, diaphragms and beams and dual use path (300m3)
  • Install formwork for abutments and approach slabs (306m2)
  • Install 650 diameter helical-lock, seam-corrugated, galvanised steel pipe void former as permanent formwork to abutment columns (60.5m)
  • Install formwork for piers (545m2) and deck (224)
  • Install approved permanent formwork to soffit of deck slab (231m2)
  • Install reinforcement to abutments and approach slabs (82.7t), piers (52t)
  • Install 20 precast concrete plank beams
  • Install 90 bridge bearings (eg elastomeric rubber bearing, Trelleborg elastomeric bearing strip)
  • Install compression joint seal (44m)
  • Install bituthene waterproof membrane on precast beams and planks to cover joints (469m)
  • Install expansion joints (87m) and 100-150mm diameter service conduits (140m)
  • Install bitumen impregnated fibreboard between deck diaphragm and upper wingwall, deck beams and between principal shared path and deck upstand and kerb (110m2)
  • Supply and install bracing and props for MSE walls including concrete blocks