Roe Highway/Berkshire Road Bridge 1764, Perth, Western Australia

Roe Highway/Berkshire Road Bridge 1764, Perth, Western Australia
  • Client Gateway: WA
  • Contract value: $2m

Project description

Following the successful completion of the Leach Highway / Abernethy Road Bridge project, Monford was awarded the construction of the Roe Highway / Berkshire Road Bridge project. It was the first time in Australia the “tennis ball” configuration was used. This new structure will allow Roe Highway traffic to travel uninterrupted over Berkshire Road.

Scope of work

  • Install concrete footings to create a foundation for the Roe Highway Bridge supporting structures
  • Supply, install and place finishing concrete for pier footings, piers, footings for abutment, wing wall panels, in-situ wing walls, sill beams, safety barriers, edge barriers, restraint blocks, bridge deck, skirt beams and approach slabs (1,200m3)
  • Install and fix reinforcement for structures outlined above (196t)
  • Install 12 bearing pads to top of piers
  • Install 48 MSE wall panels and central piers for the Roe Highway bridge over Berkshire Road
  • Install in-situ wing walls, abutments and footings and install cast-in items
  • Supply, install and strip formwork (1,580m2)
  • Construct bridge piers
  • Construct concrete safety barriers surrounding piers, including sand and concrete infill
  • Install 12 column formers to the rear of abutment walls, including reinforcement and concrete fill
  • Construct sill beams, including installing MSE tie strip cast into the rear of beam
  • Land and secure tee-roff beams onto bearing pads, including temporary works required to secure beams in place until restraint blocks are cast
  • Install conduits in tee-roff beams, deck and abutments
  • Install Granor Strip Seal Expansion Joint System – including forming block outs for concrete transition strips, installing expansion joint, and pouring and finishing concrete
  • Construct restraint blocks
  • Install miscellaneous steelwork and cast-in items such as bolts and brackets
  • Install permanent road signage to tee-roff beams